Pledge Allegiance to ?


After Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, the person in charge of investigations his campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the election, it was revealed Trump had asked for Comey’s loyalty on several occasions.

It was also revealed that Trump’s barely plausible reason for the firing was a lie when he told Lester Holt he did it because of the Russia investigation.

The best some Republican members of Congress could do was express concern, while their leaders Ryan and McConnell essentially said nothing to see here.

As this was unfolding, white nationalist supporters of Trump rallied in Charlottesville, VA, to protest the removal of monuments honoring traitors to the United States. They did this while carrying citronella tiki torches from Wal-Mart and chanting “Russia is our friend.”

Tonight The Washington Post revealed just how good a friend Trump thinks the Russians are as he revealed highly classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and U.S. Ambassador in the Oval Office.

Serious questions must be asked about where the allegiance of the President, his supporters, and Republicans in Congress lies. We need to record the answers, as they may be important when the allied powers begin their de-Republicanification efforts.

As you re-affirm your allegiance to the United States, have a Pledge cocktail. Via Kindred Cocktails, it is:

1.5 oz rye

.5 oz yellow chartreuse

.5 oz Averna

2 dashes aromatic bitters ( I prefer Dr. Adam’s Orinoco Bitters)

Lemon peel garnish

Stir, strain, garnish


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