Drink of Laughter and Forgetting


Dear Cheeto Mussolini, they’re not laughing with us, they’re laughing at us.

The UN General Assembly rightly scoffed at Trump’s claim to have accomplished more than any president of the US today. Even Fox News would have had trouble keeping a straight face for that one.

On the heels on my last cocktail post, The Truth, today called for something to note our laughingstock leader. The Truth came from Frederic Yarm at Cocktail Virgin, and the best choice tonight also comes Frederic, just from seven years earlier.

Today will be much easier to swallow if you wash it down with the Drink of Laughter and Forgetting cocktail. Hailing from Cure in New Orleans, and created by Mike Yusko, the cocktail makes a nice follow up to The Truth as it is also a low-alcohol drink with a Cynar base.

Adding to the fun is its play on The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Czechoslovakian writer Milan Kundera…and it was written in 1980 behind the Iron Curtain around the time the Russians began cultivating Trump as an asset.

This is actually a great drink for a Tuesday night, especially when trying not to think about the orange buffoon. The Drink of Laughter and Forgetting is:

1.5 oz Cynar

.5 oz green Chartreuse

.75 oz lime juice

.5 oz demerara syrup (I used .25 oz demerara gum syrup)

14 drops of Angostura bitters (Orinoco bitters)

Shake with ice, strain into a coupe glass, garnish with a spritz of Angostura


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