Truth Serum

The first two hearings of the Jan. 6 Committee are making it clear The Former Guy and Republican leaders attempted a coup on January 6, 2021 to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election. Testimony has shown that Trump was made aware he lost the 2020 election, and that claims of fraud were baseless, and that he continued the Big Lie as a money-making scheme.

The first hearing was in prime time and therefore not televised on Fox News, the second hearing, this morning and therefore the early time slot was apparently deemed safer by Fox to air. The big question now is whether truth still matters here.

A key finding in the second hearing is Trump‘s “willful blindness” about his election loss, laying the foundation to continue the Big Lie, sending his supporters to storm the Capitol and continue bilking money from those supporters.

The hearings have been compelling television, and the Committee is doing a great job establishing the facts. Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony that Trump was increasingly detached from reality as he kept on with stolen election claims no matter how often he was told the fraud claims were debunked has made it clear he sent the mob on January 6.

We have already heard a great deal of evidence of criminal wrongdoing around Jan. 6, and the next hearing on June 15 looking at the plot around the certification of the election is likely to be a blockbuster based on evidence already available. This is an unprecedented moment in American history, with implications for future elections. The contest is no longer between Republicans and Democrats, but between democracy and autocracy. The outcome of that contest may well be determined in the answer to the question of whether truth still matters here.

The cocktail for watching the June 15 hearing is an Evidence, created at the NYC bar Angel’s Share ( a casualty of the pandemic) and via Kindred Cocktail; the Evidence is:

1.5 oz gin (Earl Grey infused)

1 oz Lillet Blanc

.5 oz lemon juice

1 oz ginger ale to top

Combine ingredients except ginger ale with ice. Shake. Add some ginger ale and stir, double strain into glass, top with rest of ginger ale. Garnish with lemon.

To make Earl Grey infused gin, combine 2 cups gin with leaves from two tea bags of earl grey tea (leaves removed from tea bags, and tea bags discarded). After at least 24 but not more than 48 hours, strain the tea leaves from the gin. Or you can be lazy like me and use Jersey-City-based Corgi Spirits Earl Grey Gin.


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